Like Caesar, who said about Gaul…“Veni, vidi, vici” – so Mary Matuja “Came, saw and conquered” America, and all of our hearts in the process.—Nancy McDonnell, author

“I have always admired and respected Mary Matuja, but those feelings have doubled after reading her wonderful book Hello America. The vivid descriptions of her life as a child in war-torn Czechoslovakia are absolutely spellbinding. Mary Matuja is a thoughtful, honest, and diligent public official, and a great American. She is an inspiration to all of us.”—Judge Mark Switalski, Macomb County Circuit Court

“Mary’s story is a shining example of hope, hard work, miracles and the American Dream. It is proof that with God, anything is possible.”—Jack Krasula, President of Trustinus, LLC and radio host of Anything is Possible